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Our world class products are a scientific blend of the most powerful, healthy, brain-enhancing nutritionals available. We blend nootropics (brain-enhancing nutrients), choline donors (increasing synaptic response), adaptogens (improve overall health/wellness and enhancing nootropic uptake), neuro stimulants (enhancing mental/physical energy), and a select number of other elements that support optimum performance.


They are all-natural and made from organic plants, sustainably farmed on plots of land we own.

***There are some people who should NOT TAKE KATY. If you are on any SSRI or MAOI medication DO NOT TAKE KATY. If you are on medication for any other mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, or medications for heart or neurological disorders do not take KATY. Individuals with phenylketonuria should NOT take KATY(a rare metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency in the production of the enzyme phenylalanine hydroxylase).