Dosage & Directions


When your KATY arrives and you are ready to experience her, here are some suggestions to make the most of your experience.

First of all, do your best to take KATY on an empty stomach and take your KATY with water. As for dosage, if you are sensitive to supplements start with 1. If you have a stronger constitution take 2. Then an hour later take more if you need. Maximum dose is 3 in 12 hours, 5 in 24 hours. We mean this.

The experiential part should last about 3-4 hours per capsule but it is doing all sorts of good stuff for your brain days after.

We can't say enough that the more you move the more you will feel KATY, so dancing is great. You can even go a for a run or do some pushups after you take it.  

You can drink alcohol and smoke (cigarettes and/or marijuana) with KATY. We are not suggesting that you do, it has just been asked if it is safe. It gets asked A LOT. We believe it is safe. But every person is different so listen to your body and act accordingly.

Of course, please drink responsibly. That can't be said enough.

One of the other big benefits of KATY is orgasm enhancement because of all the dopamine and serotonin being sustainably (which means no come down the next day) pumped into your brain. If you choose to make that happen with a loved one be safe, and always obtain proper consent. You can also experience orgasm and KATY with just you. 😉

Here are a couple other key commonly asked questions!


It remains optimal for 5-6 months refrigerated and 3-4 months non-refrigerated.


Yes, we have 25+ years experience and put 30+ hours a week into research and development. We have consulted doctors, lawyers and law enforcement personnel to make sure our products are safe and viable for our customers.


KATY is completely legal and is classified by the FDA as a ‘nutritional supplement'. It contains no narcotics, only organically grown plant extracts. If you are concerned about crossing a border with them and being searched, simply take them out of the very attractive packaging and put them in a store bought vitamin container. If asked what they are, you can say very honestly that they are nutritional supplements. We would never ask you to lie.

Our team members have traveled with them internationally. So have our friends, family members, and hundreds of customers.


50mg which is the average for a cup of green tea. You'll get 100-150mgs in a cup of coffee. There can be 400mgs in a Venti Starbucks of the right roast. Some athletes take 200-350mgs as a preworkout (or in their preworkout) but the caffeine in Katy (and our own nootropics) isn't for stimulation. It's actually an Adenosine Receptor Dampener.

It tell the brain to allow certain neurochemicals and hormones to free flow unregulated. When the caffeine wears off, then the dampening stops and regulation is increased.

In addition, we found this interesting digestive element: if you take a little bit of green tea caffeine, and microdose it with some poorly bioavailable elements (like Kava), you effectively increase absorption by as much as 300%>

Secondarily, because we use a customized NooSpark as our primary excitatory element, the caffeine allows the higenamine and co-factors to dramatically increase their activity in the brain, enhancing the dopamine and serotonin activity with a gentle boost of adrenalin

This measurably increases your overall feeling of presence, euphoria and confidence. That beautiful connectivity we all desire, but only seem to find as we pass from “just one beer” to “holy f*%k, I'm wasted”!

Think of the blend arriving as an advanced feedback loop in the brain. As the Euphoria increases, so does your presence. So, rather than losing control, you gain connection and control, without having to work for it, or psych yourself up.


The Coconut Oil+B-Vitamin ​are recommended for two reasons: Most regular “partiers” could be running a nutritional deficit, meaning they are low on most of the key vitamins.

For the best results when doing ANY psychoactive nutrient or drug, you want the body to have surplus nutrients to help support the process inside the gut, and when it reaches the brain.

You can take KATY without it, with no issues whatsoever.

But if you want to have the longest lasting and most powerful experience, you want two things:

1) An organic oil, to help the nootropics pass the blood brain barrier (this is why fish oil is considered one of the most important components of a nootropic dosing).

2) Enough B-vitamins in your gut to effect positive digestion. The gut is where most of your B-vitamins are formed. Most people have poor bowel flora, especially if they have a less than optimum diet, exercise, and clean water intake habits. This leads to poor vitamin B production, as well as poor digestion of foods and nutrients – including KATY.)


By using CHLOE, you can lift the mental fog that has plagued you for years. And, as the mental fog evaporates, your ability to think more clearly – while feeling calmer – will return.

CHLOE will also let you experience your chosen nootropic – such as KATY – more intensely and effectively. If you have a festival or concert coming up, simply take CHLOE the night before to prep your brain for the maximum KATY absorption and experience.

Each order of CHLOE contains two types of CAPSULES. Take the night time (oral cap) capsule (which is darker in color) with a small amount of water on an empty stomach before bed. The next morning, open the remaining capsule (lighter in color) and pour the powdered contents under your tongue. Allow the lightly sweet, fruit flavored formulation to dissolve for three to four minutes. Then, swallow. Drink a small glass of water and you're ready for the new day and a new sense of clarity.

CHLOE is great for the following people:

  • Chronic marijuana smokers
  • Regular cigarette smokers or those exposed to smoke
  • Those exposure to environmental toxins
  • If you have a history of eating processed foods
  • If you have experienced prolonged prescription medicine use
  • If you are health conscious and want the healthiest brain possible

CHLOE Sublingual Ingredients:
Methylcobalamin B-12, Uridine Monophosphate, CDP Choline, SuperCelastrus W, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Folic Acid (B9)

CHLOE Oral Cap Ingredients:
Natural Vitamin E, Chlorella (broken leaf/algae), Cilantro Leaf, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Black Radish Root, Acetyl-L-Cystine, Ascorbic Acid, SuperCelastrus O


With just 4 sprays of SHEA under the tongue (sublingual) you will get half a gram of pure, bioactive nutrients.

SHEA acts on the Serotonin, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and GABA receptors in a cyclical fashion, providing subtle waves of euphoric  and mood boosting experience. You can benefit from micro-dosing and adjust it to optimize your experience over any period of time.

SHEA bypasses the liver, going directly through the capillaries under the tongue. This  nootropic's euphoric blend, containing nutrients, choline donors, and stimulants immediately goes to work. No waiting. Within 3-5 minutes you will experience 50-60% of the impact of SHEA. Within 10 minutes you are at full mast.

SHEA has very little tolerance buildup, which helps keep receptors in the brain from getting plugged or “down regulating” key neurotransmitters.

Each order of SHEA comes with 1 loaded sleek and sexy spray device with 1 refill cartridge. This is intended to be a 30 day supply.

A dosage is 4 sprays under the tongue which you can take all at once or broken up over the course of your day. This sublingual delivery makes it fast acting; SHEA enters the bloodstream immediately and lasts for two to three hours.