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Frequently Asked Questions

Hold on to your socks! (or don't). KATY is built to magnify sexual pleasure and orgasm enhancement for both men and women. One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that customers have had the best orgasms of their life. For women especially KATY will increase your libido and natural sex drive. Go ahead, we dare you to have a threesome with KATY.
We recommend you start with 1 and take it with water. Then do 20 minutes of exercise to get the blood flowing. Then wait and see how you feel 60-90 minutes later. If you are feeling confident take another and wait another 60-90 minutes before taking a 3rd. Max 3 in 12 hours. Each capsule is designed to last 3-4 hours. We do not recommend women who are under 130 pounds take more than 1.Also if you are on any SSRI or MOI medication DO NOT TAKE KATY.
Yes you can. Please drink in moderation, alcohol is a powerful drug. Do know that if you have smoked either or regularly, this may impact the potency of our products. The good news is KATY and CHLOE activate neurogenisis. So be careful, you may get healthier as a result of taking our products.
There is nothing illegal in KATY and each raw component passes customs checks when coming into the country, however with recent discoveries in the faultiness of drug tests and the variables when testing we do not recommend you take KATY within 72 hours of known drug tests. Studies have shown that most drug tests are faulty. Please do your research and know your rights. It may be possible as with any supplement even as simple as B VITAMINS that a false positive may come up. 
KATY has been in development for the past 4 years and taken by thousands of people including ourselves on a regular basis.Our team has lost our closest loved ones from addiction. We would strive and pride ourselves on creating something completely the opposite.We feed the brain and the body (gut) by priming the brain with an abundance of dopamine, serotonin and gaba creating pre-nutrients. The nutrients it needs to create these feel good neurotransmitters so the brain can make as much as the neurons demand or call.This is what is dramatically different.We give the brain a surplus of those nutrients so it can create as much as it demands.Instead of trapping it in the neuron we feed it based on demand by pinging the neuron to produce it and get the result you want.There is a calcium ion cloud that surrounds the neuron gap and that cloud triggers the neuron and combined with another reaction causes dopamine to flow between neurons and goes from one neuron to another and back while it does that the opposing neuron, rather than trap it like damaging drugs do, it flows it in and flows more as the demand happens.That is while it takes little longer to come on and lasts longer and doesn't crash.The brain is creating it and nourished to create rather than pulling it and being left with none. We also have components that rebuild neurons and synaptic pathways so overtime you can self produce and hold more of these feel good neurotransmitters.So you technically can not become addicted to the product itself because we do not deplete the brain we actually nourish the brain and get it to produce it naturally.WARNING: Less than .05% of people who take KATY may experience nausea and possibly even vomiting. This is typical of Vanuatu Root Extract and in most forms that is NOT our product is upwards of 15-20%. But we have dramatically decreased this side effect and hope to eliminate it one day.Anyone who is a phenylketonurics. should not take KATY. If you are one you would know by now and would know this if you had read the ingredients. Their body can't metabolize synthesize phenylalanine. As it builds up in the body, it causes complications.If you are taking SSRI or MOI medications for a mood disorder such as depression and anxiety or any mediation for a neurological disorder we do not recommend you take KATY.
We don't recommend it. KATY is a very potent, nutritional supplement and it may be too much for a sensitive system that is carrying another being.

Yes this is the real deal. We have thousands and thousands of customers around the world who take our products regularly. This is sound science that has 20 years of product development behind it by a company with that spends 40+ hours a week on research and development and has tens of thousands of customers around the world.

KATY is one of the most potent forms of nutrition you can take. KATY it is doing some miraculous things to your brain such as neurogenisis, improved circulation, increased sexual desire for women and support of nervousness.

KATY is building new, better neurological pathways and synaptic response capabilities as well as detoxifying your brain and body.