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Frequently Asked Questions

KATY is built to magnify sexual pleasure and orgasm enhancement for both men and women. One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that customers have had the best orgasms of their life after taking KATY. KATY will increase your libido and natural sex drive.
Start with 1 KATY and take it with water. You can do 20 minutes of movement or exercise to get your blood flowing - movement increases KATY's effect. After 60 to 90 minutes later, if you are feeling comfortable enough to further enhance your experience, take another capsule. Wait another 60-90 minutes before taking a 3rd. Maximum 3 capsules in 12 hours. Each dose is designed to last 3 to 4 hours. We do not recommend that women who are under 130 pounds take more than 1 capsule. If you are on any SSRI or MAOI medication DO NOT TAKE KATY.
Yes, you can. Please drink mindfully and in moderation as alcohol is a powerful drug. KATY will enhance the effect of alcohol so be aware that what you are used to may be impacted. The good news is that KATY and CHLOE activate neurogenisis so you may get healthier as a result of taking our products.
There are no illegal ingredients in KATY. Each raw component passes customs checks when coming into the USA. However, we are aware drug testing can be faulty. We do not recommend you take KATY within 72 hours of known/expected drug tests - even B vitamins can induce a false positive. Please do your research, make informed choices, and know your rights.  
KATY has been in development for the past 4 years and has taken by thousands of people - including members of our team. Each person on our team has lost loved ones to addiction. We strive to, and pride ourselves on, creating something healthy, enjoyable and non-habit forming. KATY feeds the brain and the body (gut) by priming the brain with an abundance of dopamine, serotonin and gaba creating pre-nutrients. These are nutrients our brains use to create these feel good neurotransmitters - and the brain can make as much as the neurons demand or call. We give the brain a surplus of those nutrients so it can create as much as it demands. There is a calcium ion cloud that surrounds the neuron gap. That cloud triggers the neurons and causes dopamine to flow between neurons - rather than trap it like damaging drugs do, it flows it in and flows more as the demand happens. This is why the effects of KATY take a little longer to come on, why it lasts longer, and why you won't crash. While you may enjoy the effects of KATY you technically cannot become addicted because KATY does not deplete neurotransmitters. We nourish the brain and get it to produce what it needs, naturally. WARNING: Less than .05% of people who take KATY may experience nausea and possibly even vomiting. This is a typical side-effect of Vanuatu Root Extract. We have dramatically decreased this side effect in our formulation and hope to eventually eliminate it. If you are a Phenylketonuric DO NOT take KATY. If you are taking SSRI or MAOI medications for a mood disorder such as depression and anxiety, or any mediation for a neurological disorder we do not recommend you take KATY.
We do not recommend KATY for pregnant or lactating women.
Yes, KATY is the real deal. After you place your order, KATY will start her journey to you from our lab where she is hand-assembled with love. KATY will arrive in a pink tube, packed in a plain, cushioned envelope or box via USPS. We ship thousands of capsules each and every day around the world to happy, KATY-loving customers. We'd love for you to become one, too.