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Hello Limitless One.
Crazy that another year has come and gone.
We hope you had the best one yet and are prepared to have an even better 2018!
To give you a little kick start we want to give you one last discount for the year, 15% off everything. This discount ends Tuesday, January 2nd so act now.
And on a more sentimental note we wanted to share a note from one of our founders, Mark Effinger that he sent to our other founder Dolan Ramsay recently.
The two are in constant conversation about how to best serve you and Mark shared this note of inspiration and we thought you might want to hear it as well.
Below is a pic of Dolan (left) and Mark (right), yes we are real people!
Go get your discount now, come back and read this sappy a$$ note, and have an amazing new year.
***Remember this discount ends Tuesday, January 2nd. 
We appreciate you and all your support this past year.
To Your Potential,
Dolan, Mark, KATY and the krew.
Marks Note:
Hey man…let me know what you think of this…inspired by some posts I am seeing people make on Facebook these days and how they are dealing with their issues…
There are times in our lives when we are like a fighter up against the ropes: we feel pressure from every angle. Every breath is a struggle.
As a bootstrap entrepreneur now on my 20th company, I've felt these kinds of events every year of my life. From every possible angle. Many of them I've brought on myself.
In the process of working through these events, I've changed upon an invaluable lesson. One that has saved me from the pit of hell more than a thousand times in 30 years of business. 56 years of life.
It's a lesson so simple, so obvious, we often mission it in the mad scramble to survive.
A subtle shift that, when applied, appears to release all of the pressure. And in that release, fills the void with solutions.
And, maybe even more valuable, with peace.
Want to know that secret?
Moving from demand to inquiry. From telling to asking.
What do I mean by this?
When the pressure mounts, for example, you can’t pay your bills, you said something to upset your partner, you have suffered a critical injury….the knee jerk reaction usually is:
F#@k life!
I need to win the lottery.
Or….people suck and I am going to be single forever!
Now, it is functional to get upset initially. It's important to know what kind of hurdle we face and blow off steam.
But, in reality, we've just piled hot coals on our already tenuous situation.
When you're buried in stress, fear and pain, the last thing you need is to add even more stress to the situation.
Especially a major stressor that can out you into paralysis. Into overwhelm.
Which is where most of us exist in this fast paced, over stimulated world.
But, there's an alternative.
It's simple. It addresses the issue head on.
Instead of pressure, why not create a form of release?
Now, I could detail all of the psychological and physiological elements that make this work, but if you've read this far, you're probably ready for a solution.
So here it is:
Turn the problem into the solution through a simple turn of phrase.
Instead of “The lottery is my only way out”, how about “where else can I be of value”?
Instead of “I’m done with people I am going to be single” becomes “what's the best way for us to grow closer and gain more trust because of this?”
By shifting it from an earth shattering problem to an open-ended question with endless possibility to serve you, you invite unlimited resources to come to your rescue.
By changing the demand to an inquiry, we encourage our minds to open and create solutions.
Essentially yes, you are going from the world being against you, to having your back.
Cheesy yes, but even more so, powerful AF!
Now, I know this seems too simple to be effective. But I assure you, it is the best if every great solution.
The hard statement is self-limiting. It only sees the problem. It focused on a very small set of potential outcomes. And it emphasizes the issue, rather than freeing it from our rigid limitations and allowing virtually limited possibilities to come play.
Try it.
Take a big, gnarly issue in your life. The bigger and more daunting the better.
Now, rephrase it as a question, with the mindset that there just might be more than one solution that can serve you.
See how that lightens the load and gets your mind buzzing with possibilities?
Oh, and there's one more element that I need to share.
Something that makes this even more powerful:
Ditch the outcome.
“Whaaaaa?!? But the problem needs a solution, dammit! It's all ABOUT the outcome!”
That's where we are often wrong.
See, we think the outcome is what we define as success. But, in reality, the outcome is one of many. And most of the ones we limit ourselves to, are less than we can attain.
Once you open the problem to many possible solutions, you also dynamically change the potential outcome.
But if we are fixated on a specific outcome, we also limit the potential we don't know exists.
We put the brakes on the possibilities we cannot even imagine.
This is getting a bit long winded for a Sunday morning.
But, if you can take a moment and list the top two or three issues in your life, work, health, relationships, finances…
Reframe the problem as a question.
Invite possibility to be your muse.
And release yourself from the constraints of a fixed outcome.
I assure you, you will find Hope, Limitless Potential, Success, and maybe even a slice of Happiness, racing toward you on the other side. Arms open, a big smile.
~ Mark

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